Book Reviews

Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects

07 January 2013

I was asked by Packt Publishing to write a review for their new book "Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects". This book is aimed at people who already have some experience with OpenCV, and want to expand their knowledge.

Tags: opencv

Generative Art, a Practical Guide Using Processing

30 December 2012

Warning: this book may be a little different than your average book on programming. It doesn't start with the obvious computer science theory like functions and variables you would expect. The first chapter immediately dives into the world of generative art, teaches you some theory, and shows you art by by some key figures in today's generative art scene.

Tags: processing, generative art

OpenCV2 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook

22 July 2011

A while ago I was contacted by the people of Packt Publishing to review the OpenCV 2 Computer Vision Application Cookbook by Robert Laganière. Now that's a long title for a book. I've used OpenCV on a few small projects so I decided to read the book and write a review for them.

Tags: opencv

CSS3 for Web Designers

12 April 2011

CSS3 for Web Designers is a small book, it's only 189 pages. Or 222 pages if you use a slightly bigger font size. I'm not reviewing a 'real' book this time. I've read the 'enhanced' ePub version on the iPad.

Tags: css

Getting Started with Processing

18 October 2010

The smallest book I've read about Processing so far. But this is probably the best book to read if you want to get started with programming. Most programming books are boring and start with a lot of concepts like algorithms, variables and classes.

Tags: processing

Never Use White Type on a Black Background

30 September 2010

This little book takes you through 50 ridiculous design rules and ends with the advice to break these rules. Not the greatest piece of liturature, but a good book for light reading. The book is a collection of quotes made by designers, authors, creative thinkers, photographers, ...

Tags: typography

The Zen of CSS Design

28 September 2010

In 2003 Dave Shea built a website with semantic markup to show what could be accomplished with stylesheets. The markup of the website stays the same on every page. The only thing that changes the layout is the CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) file.

Tags: css

Building Findable Websites

24 September 2010

A book you should read if you want to optimize your website for search engines. This book discusses findability in a great way and you'll learn about the things to do and to avoid when optimizing your website.

Tags: seo

AppleScript - The Definitive Guide (Second Edition)

22 September 2010

This is a nice book if you like to build small tools to automate your Mac. This book was very handy for me when I built Vormplus Webtools, a set of scripts for TextWrangler. The book takes you through the basics of AppleScript and is also great to use as a reference.

Tags: applescript