Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects

Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects

Posted on 2013-01-07 by Jan Vantomme
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I was asked by Packt Publishing to write a review for their new book "Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects". This book is aimed at people who already have some experience with OpenCV, and want to expand their knowledge. If you are a just getting started with OpenCV, I can recommend reading "OpenCV2 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook": first.

A thing I really like about this book, is that it covers using OpenCV on a lot of different platforms. OpenCV is used a lot for desktop applications, but this book also covers a range of projects for mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets.

The book covers a lot of different topics that go beyond the basics. You'll learn how to use OpenCV to create augmented reality applications, both with marker detection and without. There's also a nice chapter about number plate recognition.

The pieces I like the most are the chapters on non-rigid face tracking and head pose estimation. These chapters can be a good way to get you started recreating the "Face Substitution": piece made by Kyle McDonald and Arturo Castro.

The code for all projects in this book is available on "Github":, which is a great thing. If any bugs are found, this might be the best way for the authors to make changes and give everybody access to the most recent version of the code.

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