AppleScript - The Definitive Guide (Second Edition)

AppleScript - The Definitive Guide (Second Edition)

Posted on 2010-09-22 by Jan Vantomme
Tags: applescript

3 / 5

This is a nice book if you like to build small tools to automate your Mac. This book was very handy for me when I built Vormplus Webtools, a set of scripts for TextWrangler. The book takes you through the basics of AppleScript and is also great to use as a reference.

Like any programming book, this one takes you through everything you need to know about the AppleScript language. You'll learn about syntax, variables, objects, handlers, datatypes, and all the things in this crazy language.

AppleScript is a very powerful language if you want to automate things on your Mac. Yes, you can use Automator for that, but it doesn't always give you the power you need. getting started with AppleScript is hard. Its syntax is weird, and it's (scarce) hard to find good documentation on how to write scripts. This book is good to get started with the language.

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