Things to See


29 April 2010

A nice generative drawing tool for iPhone/iPod Touch.

Tags: generative design, iphone, software

Water Figures

21 April 2010

Shapes made out of water based paints and sound from a speaker. A really nice set of photographs on Flickr.

Tags: photography

Japanese Lady Gaga Fan Fashion Pictures

19 April 2010

A great collection of Lady Gaga fans in Japan. Crazy outfits!

Tags: fashion, japan, photography

The New PUMA Fuseproject Packaging

14 April 2010

Puma designed a new shoebox that isn’t a box. Clever idea to reduce material and shipping costs.

Tags: design, packaging

Büro Destruct Designer

05 April 2010

A great iPhone app to design patterns and explore color combinations. Also available as a screen saver and desktop application.

Tags: generative design, graphic design, iphone, software

Green Bicycle

29 March 2010

I had a bike like this when I was 17. Mine was grey. Loved it.

Tags: bicycle

Fragments & Abstracts

27 March 2010

A really nice Flickr set with abstract images.

Tags: abstract, photography

Cloud Cocoa

26 March 2010

Cloud shaped marshmallows. Made me smile when I saw this image.

Tags: design, inspiration

Paintings by Lu Cong

23 March 2010

A great collection of paintings on Flickr by "Lu Cong": Love his artwork.

Tags: art, painting