Things to See

White Noise

05 July 2010

Black & white photography by Matthias Heiderich. Simply beautiful.

Tags: photography

Li Wei

05 July 2010

You’ve probably seen some work of Chinese photographer Li Wei on the Internet. His website has lots of great images.

Tags: art, photography

Olas Altas Mazatlan Mexico

05 July 2010

Some good photography by Matt Mawson. Really love the tones in these pictures.

Tags: photography

Printing with Dice

01 July 2010

Art prints made with dice by artist Bryan Christopher Baker. Good idea.

Tags: art, dice


30 June 2010

A great animation made with pictures from skateboarding magazines.

Tags: animation, skateboarding, video

Vintage VW Bus Signage

23 June 2010

Like the Volkswagen bus? Here is a great collection of them with vintage ads.

Tags: advertising, volkswagen

Aerial Photography

06 June 2010

A great Flickr photostream by Klaus Leidorf, a german aerial archaeologist that likes to observe the human artifacts from a bird’s eye view.

Tags: photography

Caught in the oil

04 June 2010

Charlie Riedel photographed some birds that got caught in the oil that BP ‘lost’.

Tags: photography

Vector Image Field

03 June 2010

Matt Ditton explains what a vector image field is and shows what it looks like when animated.

Tags: image analysis, vector, video

Giant Sinkhole Pierces Guatemala

03 June 2010

Something i hadn’t heard of before: sinkholes. This article on National Geographic has some great pictures on the new sinkhole in Guatemala.

Tags: photography

Lego Printer

02 June 2010

A printer made from Lego and a felt tip pen. Nice work.

Tags: lego, printer

Never Miss the Key Hole

28 May 2010

The “V Lock.” It’s got a v. You put the key in the v. You open the door. Perfect. Great concept for a lock.

Tags: design