Things to See

Longboarding: Let Go

27 May 2010

A beautiful video that really shows the freedom of downhill riding with a longboard. Amazing!

Tags: skateboarding, video

iPad + Velcro

26 May 2010

A great movie exploring what is possible when you combine the iPad and Velcro.

Tags: ipad, velcro, video

Berlin Art Attack

21 May 2010

A nice street-art project at Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin.


20 May 2010

An umbrella that makes music when it rains. Great idea.

Tags: design, music, umbrella

California is a Place

17 May 2010

Some great documentaries on life in California. Really like Cannonball.

Tags: documentary, video


13 May 2010

Nice set of images for the new Manic Street Preachers album.

Tags: art, photography

eBoy FixPix

10 May 2010

Looks like the guys of eBoy have made an iPhone app. The preview looks great.

Tags: game, iphone

Johnny Kelly

10 May 2010

Great illustrations made out of paper.

Tags: illustration, paper

Up There

10 May 2010

A documentary by Malcolm Murray about advertising painters in New York.

Tags: advertising, documentary

Creating the Iron Man 2 Logo

09 May 2010

A Photoshop CS5 tutorial on how to recreate the logo from the Hollywood blockbuster movie.

Tags: photoshop, tutorial, typography

Zach Lieberman at PSFK Conference

09 May 2010

Zach Lieberman talks about his research and some of the projects he did. I really enjoyed watching this video.

Tags: generative design, lecture, video

Tim MacPherson

02 May 2010

A nice set of pictures exploring childhood imagination. Like the kid on the motorbike.

Tags: photography