Things to Read

Pixar One Twenty Eight

06 May 2015

Pixar released a library with 128 repeating textures in 1993, and released it for you to use. Download it for free.

Professional Web Typography

04 May 2015

A book on professional web typography. Read it for free online.

Tags: typography

colorLib 2.0.0

26 March 2015

I’ve just released colorLib 2.0.0, a version of colorLib that is compatible with Processing 2.x.

Tags: colorlib, processing


19 February 2015

A Processing library for Steganography, the art of hiding in plain sight. The library allows the user to embed an image or some text in another image leaving it visually the same as the original.

Tags: processing


19 February 2015

Motor is a collection of modular C++ libraries for multimedia purposes.

Tags: c++


19 February 2015

A JavaScript library for generative design with InDesign.

Tags: indesign, javascript

All Cameras are Police Cameras

08 December 2014

An excellent piece by James Bridle on how cameras in London are used to create a virtual wall for “protecting” the city.


03 December 2014

Shadershop is an interface for programming GPU shaders in the mode of a direct manipulation image editor like Photoshop. It is an experiment in leveraging the programmer’s spatial reasoning the way that coding today leverages the programmer’s symbolic reasoning.

Tags: glsl

List of Physical Visualizations

05 November 2014

A chronological list of physical visualizations and related artifacts, curated by Pierre Dragicevic and Yvonne Jansen.

Tags: data vizualisation


15 August 2014

A new monospaced font by Font Bureau, designed for writing code. Free for private use, buy the font if you want to use it in a publication or on your website.

Tags: typography

Generative Typography with Processing

22 July 2014

A tutorial by Amnon Owed for Creative Applications. Covers everything on creating 2D and 3D type with Processing.

Tags: processing, typography

Hemesh 2.0

18 July 2014

The second version of Hemesh, a library for creating and modifying 3D geometry is out. Get it now!

Tags: hemesh, processing