Things to Read

The Jacob’s Ladder of Coding

17 December 2015

Anecdotes and questions about climbing up and down the ladder of abstraction: Atari, ARM, demoscene, education, creative coding, community, seeking lightness, enlightenment & strange languages. A great longread by Karsten Schmidt.

Tags: programming

Canvas Drawing Techniques

03 November 2015

A great overview of techniques that can be used to create html5 canvas drawing apps.

Tags: canvas, html5


11 October 2015

A Processing library to display and export animated GIF files. Now updated for Processing 3 by Jerome Saint-Clair.



30 July 2015

A JavaScript library for creating and sharing modular line drawings for CNC and laser cutters.

Tags: javascript


06 July 2015

A suite of utilities for converting to and working with CSV, the king of tabular file formats.

Tags: data visualisation, software

colorLib 2.0.1

11 June 2015

I’ve released colorLib 2.0.1 today. This minor release fixes the issues with loading palettes from the COLOURLovers API. Enjoy!

Tags: colorlib, processing


11 June 2015

The urban Hacker bench by Julien Deswaef turns a standard Epal-Eur pallet into a public bench.

Tags: design


09 June 2015

An app by Rachel Binx that records the different places that you go to, through the lens of a changing WiFi connection. The basic script checks for changes in your connected SSID, and if there is a change, it will take a photo of you and record the time and SSID name.

Tags: art


30 May 2015

A growing collection of pixel shaders ported to Processing to be used with the filter() function. Most of these shaders come from the excellent Shadertoy by Iñigo Quilez.

Tags: processing

The Book of Shaders

06 May 2015

A gentle step-by-step guide by Patricio Gonzalez Vivo through the abstract and complex universe of Fragment Shaders.

Tags: glsl


06 May 2015

An open source programmable guitar FX pedal. Program your own effects or download ready-made patches.

Tags: music


06 May 2015

A sound design environment where you can patch different modules together to create music.

Tags: music, software