Things to Read


01 June 2010

A new product from the people at EllisLab, the people behind ExpressionEngine. Reminds me of “Unify”:

Tags: ellislab, expressionengine, mojomotor

Efficiently Rendering CSS

26 May 2010

How to write optimized CSS to make browsers render your page faster. A must read.

Tags: css, workflow

Simplifying How Content Works

26 May 2010

A good article on creating websites and structuring content with the Pages module in ExpressionEngine.

Tags: expressionengine, web development

Responsive Web Design

25 May 2010

Excellent article by Ethan Marcotte on designing websites for multiple devices or screen resolutions.

Tags: web design


24 May 2010

This site randomly displays the private phone numbers of unsuspecting Facebook users.

Tags: facebook, random

HTML 5 Demos and Examples

14 May 2010

A nice list of HTML5 demos and the browsers supporting them.

Tags: browser, html5

Sexy Interactions with CSS Transitions

14 May 2010

A good article on how to use CSS3 transitions to enhance the user experience on your website.

Tags: css3

Webkit CSS Properties

12 May 2010

All CSS properties for webkit browsers. A handy list for web designers.

Tags: css, css3

A Brief History of Markup

08 May 2010

The first Chapter of “HTML5 for Web Designers”: by Jeremy Keith was published on A List Apart. The story of HTML.

Tags: html5

ReBirth for iPhone

02 May 2010

Nice to see ReBirth coming to the iPhone. I had great times playing with this piece of software in the late ’90s.

Tags: iphone, music, rebirth, software

Touch Gesture Reference Guide

20 April 2010

A great overview of all gestures you can use on touch-enabled platforms like iPhone OS, Windows Phone 7 and some desktop platforms.

Tags: gestures, ios

Smaller PNGs

19 April 2010

A great article by Dave Shea on optimizing PNG files for the web with Adobe Fireworks.

Tags: png, workflow