Things to Read

Avoiding the Uncanny Valley of Interface Design

29 August 2010

A good article on the current trend of using too much reality in interface design. Users usually don’t benefit from all this eyecandy.

Tags: interface design

iOS Beta Builder

26 August 2010

A nifty app that takes away the pain of building Ad-Hoc versions of your iPhone applications. This should have been in XCode for a long time.

Tags: ios, software

Successful Fundraising With Kickstarter

17 August 2010

An essay by Craig Mod on how he used Kickstarter to raise money for publishing his book “Art Space Tokyo”.

Tags: art, book, publishing

The Origins of ABC

17 August 2010

A good article on the history of writing systems. Read it if you want to know where our current alphabet comes from.

Tags: alphabet, typography

Supersize that Background, Please!

06 July 2010

A tutorial to create a full-browser background using CSS3.

Tags: css3, tutorial, web design

CSS Media Queries & Using Available Space

06 July 2010

A good article on using CSS Media Queries to create a more responsive design.

Tags: css, web design

iOS icon template for Illustrator CS5

06 July 2010

John Hicks compiled an iOS icon template for users of Illustrator CS5. Useful for those who don’t use Photoshop to design their icons.

Tags: icon design, ios

Making Client Sites Faster

05 July 2010

A guide on making your website and those of your clients faster. If possible, you should use these techniques on every project.

Tags: web development, workflow

Saving Icons for Snow Leopard

23 June 2010

A good article if you need to create icons for Mac applications that run on Snow Leopard.

Tags: icon design

iPhone 4 Icon PSD File

18 June 2010

A PSD template with all icon sizes for the iPad / iPhone.

Tags: icon design

All the sizes of iOS app icons

18 June 2010

A good overview of all iOS icons by Neven Mrgan. A must read if you ever have to design an icon.

Tags: icon design, ios

Window Farms

03 June 2010

Windowfarms are vertical, hydroponic, modular, low-energy, high-yield edible window gardens built using low-impact or recycled local materials. Good idea for those who live in a city.

Tags: design, farm, window