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Kinetic Typography, Workshop Notes

07 July 2011

In this article, I'll explain some techniques I use on a regular basis to create typographic experiments with Processing. The examples were used in the Kinetic Typography workshop I did last year with my students in Brussels. The goal of this workshop is to visualize a word or phrase using Processing.

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Kinetic Typography Workshop - The Results

23 June 2011

I did a Processing workshop about Kinetic Typography with some of my students in Brussels last year, and I somehow forgot to post the results. So here they are. The students participating in this workshop had never programmed before. I'm quite happy with the quality of the work they made in just over 20 hours.

Tags: processing, teaching, typography

Processing Month, The Overview

01 June 2011

Processing Month is over, and it was great. I got a lot of great response on Twitter, via email and on the blog. I'd like to thank Marius Watz and Casey Reas for mentioning Processing Month on Twitter.

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Processing Month, Day 31 - Building Interactive Installations with OpenCV

31 May 2011

For the last day in my Processing Month series, I'm going to cover the basics of building interactive installations with Processing. The name of the installation we'll build is "The Blurry Mirror".

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Processing Month, Day 30 - Particle System

30 May 2011

Today, I've used the algorithm we programmed on day 2 to create a simple particle system. Each particle has a location and velocity vector and a color. If the particle goes off-screen, it dies and a new one will be born.

Tags: processing, tutorial

Processing Month, Day 29 - Distorted 3D Mesh

29 May 2011

Today we'll take a look at how we can construct the grid we made yesterday in 3D. The first thing you need to do is add a third parameter to the size() function.

Tags: processing, tutorial

Processing Month, Day 28 - Distorted Grids

28 May 2011

Today, we're going to distort the grid we made yesterday. To do this, we'll need to modify the algorithm a little bit. We need a multidimensional PVector array to keep track of the points in the grid.

Tags: processing, tutorial

Processing Month, Day 27 - Mesh Basics

27 May 2011

Today we'll take a look at how we can use the QUAD_STRIP and TRIANGLE_STRIP modes with beginShape() to draw a mesh to the screen. This will be useful when you want to get started with drawing 3D shapes with Processing.

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Processing Month, Day 26 - Data Visualisation

26 May 2011

Today I'll be mixing two sketches we did this month: the data visualisation sketch we did yesterday and the one about using PDF files for lasercutting. I'll share the algorithm I used to create these beautiful tangible datasets.

Tags: processing, tutorial

Processing Month, Day 25 - Circular Bar Charts

25 May 2011

Today we'll take a dive into data visualisation. We're going to take look at how we can draw a circular bar chart. I'm not going to use a real data set for this example. An array of random numbers between 0 and 100 will do the trick for now, the focus is on drawing the chart to the screen.

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Processing Month, Day 24 - Client/Server Part 2

24 May 2011

In part two of Client/Server programming with Processing, we'll take a look at creating the client application. You need to create a new client object with the same port number as the server.

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Processing Month, Day 23 - Client/Server Part 1

23 May 2011

Today and tomorrow, we'll dive into the dark art of communication between computers. We'll use the Network library that is included with Processing. The server application we'll create today will send the mouse position to the client application we'll create tomorrow.

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