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An Introduction to Processing

31 August 2007

A while ago Veerle Pieters posted a nice tutorial on her blog: Transform Again in Illustrator. If you are into scripting, there is a faster way to achieve a similar design. Over the years, Illustrator has become more and more scriptable. This is really great for generating designs. But there are some better apps out there to this kind of work. Take a look at Processing and Nodebox.

Tags: generative art, processing, design

Visuals At 10 Days Off

19 July 2007

Yesterday was visuals night at 10 Days Off. I saw some really amazing stuff there: the fucKINGFUCKS and Hexstatic. Read the full article to see more pictures to see the pictures from last night.

Tags: music, art, visuals, vj

Amon Tobin at Blue Note Records Festival

13 July 2007

Yesterday Amon Tobin was playing at the Blue Note Records Festival in Ghent. The set was a lot better than the set earlier this year in Brussels. It was a lot shorter and had much more variation. Here are a few pics from Amon.

Tags: music

Choosing a Digital Camera

07 July 2007

I've been taking photographs for a very long time now. And until now I was mostly shooting on film. Nothing digital yet. I've always prefered working with old manual analogue cameras. I just love these things. But a while ago I've noticed that my second Yashica body is beginning to die on me. Since I don't spend that much time in the darkroom anymore, I thought it would be the right time to go digital.

Tags: photography

Vormplus @ Flickr

06 June 2007

I posted the first pictures in my Flickr account today. Take a look. I've added some here too. Read the full article to see them.

Tags: photography

Easy Every Day

11 May 2007

Easy Every Day is an arts project by Davide Bertocchi. It consists of a marble sculpture and a compilation of music produced by the students and lecturers of Sint-Lukas Brussels.

Tags: music, art

Nice Tools for Designers

01 May 2007

As a designer I’m using a lot of small tools to make life a little easier. These are my favorite little apps.

Tags: software

Amon Tobin - Foley Room

14 April 2007

I bought Foley Room a while ago in iTunes and I just love it! Amon Tobin takes his sound to next level on his new album. Instead of sampling old vinyl records, Amon recorded animals and machines to get the sounds for this one. Tracks I like: Esther's, Keep Your Distance, Big Furry Head.

Tags: music