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Posted on 2012-09-24 by Jan Vantomme
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Last December, I was asked by Packt Publishing to write a book on Processing 2. I'm happy to announce that my book will be published this week. The title of the book is "Processing 2: Creative Programming Cookbook". It's not a book for people who just get started with Processing. For instance: I won't explain what a variable, or a function is. It's a book for people who have been using Processing for a while, and want to learn about computer vision, or audio visualisation. The final chapters are a bit more advanced. You'll explore the new JavaScript and Android modes, and learn the basics to get you started writing your own libraries.

The book is available as paperback and eBook (ePub, PDf & Kindle). You can buy it on the website of Packt Publishing or on Amazon. Here's the cover and an overview of the contents of the book.

Cover of the Processing 2: Creative Programming Cookbook

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Processing 2

  • Installing Processing on your computer
  • Exploring the Processing Development Environment
  • Installing libraries
  • Installing tools
  • Switching modes
  • Understanding the coordinate system
  • Writing your first Processing sketch
  • Using math functions
  • Responding to mouse events
  • Responding to keyboard events

Chapter 2: Drawing Text, Curves, and Shapes in 2D

  • Drawing basic shapes
  • Working with colors
  • Working with images
  • Drawing text
  • Drawing curves
  • Calculating points on a curve
  • Drawing custom shapes
  • Manipulating SVG files
  • Offscreen drawing

Chapter 3: Drawing in 3D–Lights, Camera, and Action!

  • Understanding 3D space
  • Drawing 3D primitives
  • Using lights
  • Making polygon soup
  • Mixing 2D and 3D objects
  • Drawing triangle and quad strips
  • Using textures
  • Using the 3D camera

Chapter 4: Working with Data

  • Loading text files from the hard drive
  • Parsing CSV
  • Parsing XML
  • Converting datatypes
  • Working with Strings
  • Working with arrays
  • Working with ArrayLists
  • Working with HashMaps

Chapter 5: Exporting from Processing

  • Saving images
  • Exporting applications
  • Saving PDF files
  • Calculating PDF sizes
  • Saving text files
  • Exporting 3D files
  • Saving binary files

Chapter 6: Working with Video

  • Playing a video
  • Exporting image sequences
  • Manipulating pixels in a video
  • Using filters
  • Controlling the speed of a video
  • Jumping to a specific frame
  • Blending video

Chapter 7: Audio Visualization

  • Importing the Minim library
  • Playing audio files
  • Using live audio
  • Drawing a waveform
  • Using Fast Fourier Transforms
  • Audio reactive particles
  • Creating a drum machine
  • Creating a synthesizer
  • Using effects

Chapter 8: Exploring Computer Vision

  • Using a webcam
  • Thresholding video
  • Blob tracking
  • Color tracking
  • Installing the OpenCV library
  • Accessing a webcam with OpenCV
  • Face detection with OpenCV
  • Defining the region of interest with OpenCV
  • Manipulating video with OpenCV

Chapter 9: Exploring JavaScript Mode

  • Creating your first Processing sketch for the Web
  • Creating a custom HTML template
  • Working with fonts
  • Working with images/SVG files
  • Creating 3D sketches for the Web
  • Using Processing.js without the Processing editor
  • Writing sketches with JavaScript
  • Using Processing.js with jQuery
  • Getting started with the Toxiclibs.js library

Chapter 10: Exploring Android Mode

  • Installing the Android SDK
  • Running your sketch in the Android Emulator
  • Running your sketch on an Android device
  • Accessing screen size and density
  • Responding to touch interaction
  • Using the accelerometer
  • Using the GPS
  • Creating 3D sketches on Android
  • Adding an icon to your Android App

Chapter 11: Using Processing with Other Editors

  • Installing Eclipse
  • Installing the Processing plugin for Eclipse
  • Write your first sketch with the Processing Eclipse plugin
  • Installing the Processing library template in Eclipse
  • Writing Processing libraries
  • Installing the Processing tool template
  • Writing Processing tools
  • Using Processing with IntelliJ IDEA

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