Things to See

New Old Stock

03 March 2014

Vintage photos from the public archives free of known copyright restrictions.



25 February 2014

Investigating the style of self-portraits (selfies) in five cities across the world.


Filament Sculptures

18 February 2014

Interesting 3D prints made by generating G-code with Processing.

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Dazzle Lamps

09 February 2014

The Dazzle Lamps by Corneel Cannaerts are featured on Dezeen.


Doris Chase

07 February 2014

Some video art by Doris Chase from the seventies. Really like the Circles I piece, rendered on the mainframe computer at Boeing.

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06 February 2014

A theremin built with the HTML5 Web Audio API. Works really good on touch screens.

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Build with Chrome

29 January 2014

Building things with LEGO right in your browser. Stop working now and start playing!


Oscillator Study

27 January 2014

An experiment in creating synthesizers on the web by Nicolas Barradeau.


Make 8-bit Art

13 January 2014

A tool for creating pixel art right from your browser. HTML5 + Canvas.

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Content Aware Typography

08 January 2014

Some nice typographic experiments using the content-aware fill feature in Photoshop.


Dazzle Lamp Prototypes

07 January 2014

A beautiful new experiment by Corneel Cannaerts. These white 3D printed lamps change into colorful objects when you turn the light on.


Tweeting “New Year” Around the World

02 January 2014

Good visualisation of people wishing each other a happy new year on Twitter.