Things to See

My Little Piece of Privacy

17 October 2010

A great interactive installation by Niklas Roy. Motorized curtains FTW! You should also check his other projects.

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Timeline Reader

08 October 2010

A great HTML5 web application made by Associated Press. Interesting way to search through news.


HTML5 Studio

08 October 2010

A nice set of experiments in HTML5 and CSS3. Made by Google.

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Samurai Sword Umbrella

07 October 2010

This one made me smile. A black umbrella with a strange handle. You can wear it on your back as if it were a samurai sword.


50+ Years of Japanese Concept Cars

30 September 2010

A great selection of concept cars built by Japanese automakers. Features some pictures of cars by Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, …

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Japanese “Good Manners” Campaign

22 September 2010

Some pictures I made of some Japanese advertising posters. Most posters make people think about their manners when smoking in public. Love the idea, but the illustrations are not that good.

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An Office in the Forest

07 September 2010

Way too cool! An office built mostly with glass in the middle of a forest. Beautiful architecture.


Roger Black on Web Type and Templates

05 September 2010

A new episode of The Big Web Show. This time Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin talk with Roger Black about web type.

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03 September 2010

Some amazing long exposure pictures of fireflies in the woods. Beautiful.


Lipson Robotics

30 August 2010

A Flickr photostream with nothing but robot sculptures. The robots are made from random metal and plastic objects and look really cool.

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Atari Posters

27 August 2010

Fake posters for Atari products that don’t exist. Really love the name of the game “Place Invaders”.

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Silent World

20 August 2010

Amazing black and white photography by Michael Kenna.