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01 June 2010

A new product from the people at EllisLab, the people behind ExpressionEngine. Reminds me of “Unify”:

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Efficiently Rendering CSS

26 May 2010

How to write optimized CSS to make browsers render your page faster. A must read.

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Simplifying How Content Works

26 May 2010

A good article on creating websites and structuring content with the Pages module in ExpressionEngine.

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Responsive Web Design

25 May 2010

Excellent article by Ethan Marcotte on designing websites for multiple devices or screen resolutions.



24 May 2010

This site randomly displays the private phone numbers of unsuspecting Facebook users.

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HTML 5 Demos and Examples

14 May 2010

A nice list of HTML5 demos and the browsers supporting them.

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Sexy Interactions with CSS Transitions

14 May 2010

A good article on how to use CSS3 transitions to enhance the user experience on your website.


Webkit CSS Properties

12 May 2010

All CSS properties for webkit browsers. A handy list for web designers.

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A Brief History of Markup

08 May 2010

The first Chapter of “HTML5 for Web Designers”: by Jeremy Keith was published on A List Apart. The story of HTML.


ReBirth for iPhone

02 May 2010

Nice to see ReBirth coming to the iPhone. I had great times playing with this piece of software in the late ’90s.

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Touch Gesture Reference Guide

20 April 2010

A great overview of all gestures you can use on touch-enabled platforms like iPhone OS, Windows Phone 7 and some desktop platforms.

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Smaller PNGs

19 April 2010

A great article by Dave Shea on optimizing PNG files for the web with Adobe Fireworks.

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