Things to Read

Symphony for 100 Metronomes

24 August 2016

Lovely sound art piece. 100 metronomes performing Poème Symphonique by György Ligeti.

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Processing + Cardboard

02 August 2016

The new Android mode in Processing has support for Google’s Cardboard VR.

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Praxis LIVE

13 July 2016

A hybrid visual IDE for creative coding to easily create projections, interactive spaces, custom VJ tools, sonic performance instruments, media for theatre.



10 March 2016

A new pen plotter made by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. It’s a really precise machine, and it even works with fountain pens.

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Open Foundry

08 March 2016

A new platform for open-source fonts in a noise-free environment; to highlight their beauty and encourage further exploration.


Image Processing and Computer Vision

23 February 2016

An excellent guide to getting started with computer vision by Golan Levin. Part of ofBook, a collaboratively written book about openFrameworks.

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26 January 2016

DataBasic is a suite of easy-to-use web tools for beginners that introduce concepts of working with data.

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26 January 2016

Spatium is a set of free, open source and modular software tools for sound spatialization, made by Rui Penha.

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The Jacob’s Ladder of Coding

17 December 2015

Anecdotes and questions about climbing up and down the ladder of abstraction: Atari, ARM, demoscene, education, creative coding, community, seeking lightness, enlightenment & strange languages. A great longread by Karsten Schmidt.


Canvas Drawing Techniques

03 November 2015

A great overview of techniques that can be used to create html5 canvas drawing apps.

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11 October 2015

A Processing library to display and export animated GIF files. Now updated for Processing 3 by Jerome Saint-Clair.



30 July 2015

A JavaScript library for creating and sharing modular line drawings for CNC and laser cutters.