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Using Images in Your HTML5 Document

02 November 2010

Adding images to your HTML document can be done with the <img> tag. This tag has two required attributes: src and alt. You should also add the width and height attributes if you can. Note that this won’t be possible in some content management systems.

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Tools for Creating Websites

18 October 2010

There is a lot of web design software available. If you have some spare cash, you could buy a WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money on software. You can easily create quality HTML documents with free or open-source tools. You only need a good text editor and some browsers to test your website.

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Adding Structure to a Text with HTML

14 October 2010

An important thing to keep in mind when you write HTML documents is to add structure to your text. This helps your visitors scan the document quickly to find the information they need. In this article you’ll learn the basic elements you need to add structure to your text: headings, paragraphs and lists.

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Writing Valid HTML5 Documents

12 October 2010

When you write HTML5 or XHTML documents, it’s possible that you make mistakes. Especially when you just get started in web design. You can easily forget to close a tag or use a deprecated tag or attribute you found in an online tutorial. It’s usually very easy to fix these errors.

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Creating a Basic HTML5 Document

11 October 2010

In this article I’m going to cover the basic structure of an HTML5 document. The tags you’ll learn should be in each HTML5 document you create. Not all of these tags are required to create a basic HTML5 document. Some of them are added for accessibility or SEO.

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Teaching HTML5

06 October 2010

For the past few years I’ve been teaching XHTML in my web design class at Sint-Lukas Brussels. This year I will start teaching HTML5. I think this is the next logical step to take in education.

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New Exhibition at Museum Dr. Guislain

19 May 2010

If you are in Ghent in the next few months and have some spare time: visit my exhibition at Museum Dr. Guislain. I’m showing four of my Moleskine sketchbooks and 15 drawings. Exhibition runs from May 22 to September 12. Other artists at the exhibition are Manor Grunewald, Annouk Westerling and Marcella Hemgenbergs.

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A Sneak Peek At My First iPhone App

31 March 2010

I’ve finally finished my first iPhone app and added it to the App Store. The app should be available on April 3. More info can be found at the ColorMyDay website.

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Bicycles in Strange Places

13 March 2010

I live in a bicycle friendly city. Lots of people ride bikes every day. While taking pictures for La Vie En Ville, I’ve seen some bikes in strange places. Here are some of them.

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Ad Hoc Distribution of iPhone Apps

11 March 2010

So I finally got a version of my iPhone application ready for testing. It runs fine on my iPhone 3G and iPod Touch. I wanted to test it on some other devices so I asked some people I know to do this for me. I read through the article Publishing Applications for Testing and I noticed that some little details are missing to get your app installed on other devices.

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Processing Workshop

10 March 2010

Here are my slides for the Processing workshop I’m doing at Sint-Lukas Brussels. The name of the workshop is “Fuck Adobe, Let’s build our own design software!”. You can also download some examples for drawing basic shapes like points, lines, rectangles, circles, … Enjoy!

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Mobile Website for La Vie En Ville

22 February 2010

La Vie En Ville, my photoblog experiment with the custom WordPress for iPhone app got a small update last week. I’ve built a mobile version of the website for those of you visiting the website with the iPhone. Enjoy!

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