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Processing Month, Day 22 - Patterns

22 May 2011

Today we’ll take a look at drawing patterns. I’ll be using colorLib and the COLOURlovers API to color the artwork in an interesting way. You can download colorLib and install it in your libraries folder.

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Processing Month, Day 21 - Fitting Rectangles

21 May 2011

Today I’m going to share an algorithm I wrote to create a digital artwork based on a drawing from one of my sketchbooks. I’m not going to discuss the algorithm in detail, I’ll let you learn from the code. This algorithm might be useful for architects, urban planners or graphic designer looking for a new approach to grids. Below are the original drawing and the output of the algorithm.

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Processing Month, Day 20 - Optimize your Workflow with Processing Tools

20 May 2011

Today we’re going to take a break from coding and discuss Processing Tools. You can find these tools under the Tools menu. You probably know about the Create Font tool and the Color Selector tool, both included with Processing. You can find all available tools on the Processing website.

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Processing Month, Day 19 - Exporting PDF Files for Lasercutting

19 May 2011

Today, we’ll take a look at how we can use the PDF library to export our sketch for lasercutting. This sketch won’t display anything on the screen. It will save a PDF file directly to your sketch folder. For lasercutting, we need to define two colors: one for cutting (RGB Red) and one for engraving (RGB Black).

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Processing Month, Day 18 - Finishing the Game

18 May 2011

We’ll finish our little “Avoid the Asteroids” game today. I’ve changed the render method for the spaceship so we can draw a star when the spaceship gets hit by an asteroid.


Processing Month, Day 17- Falling Asteroids

17 May 2011

Today will be about animating asteroids and setting up the basic scoreboard for our little game. The Asteroids class looks almost the same as the Bubbles class from day 8.


Processing Month, Day 16 - Building a Spaceship

16 May 2011

For the next few days, we’ll take a look at designing a game with basic keyboard interaction. Today we’ll focus on drawing a cool spaceship and move it around with the keys. Our spaceship will be a triangle, just like in the arcade classic Asteroids.


Processing Month, Day 15 - Rounded Rectangles

15 May 2011

For the past two years, rounded corners have been hot in web design. Today’s sketch will be about creating rounded rectangles with Processing. We already used the vertex() function in a few of the sketches this month. Today we’ll add bezierVertex() to create the rounded corners for our shape.


Processing Month, Day 14 - Manipulating Circles

14 May 2011

Yesterday we’ve drawn regular polygons. If you draw a regular polygon with 360 points, you get something that gets really close to a circle. If we take that same function, and manipulate the radius with a sinewave or cosinewave, we can get really interesting results.


Processing Month, Day 13 - Regular Polygons

13 May 2011

Today we’re going to write a flexible function to draw regular polygons. As Processing only offers basic shapes like ellipses, rectangles and triangles, it might be handy to have a collection of functions to draw other shapes.

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Processing Month, Day 12 - Painting, Part 3

12 May 2011

For the last sketch in this painting series, we are going to take a similar approach as the sketch from yesterday, but we’ll create an autonomous painting system. We’ll create a Brush class so we can create multiple brushes, and let them do the painting for us.

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Processing Month, Day 11 - Painting, Part 2

11 May 2011

The brush algorithm we’ll use today will be the same as the one we used yesterday in Painting, Part 1. But we won’t use the HSB color mode anymore. We’ll get our colors from an image, just like we did in the Circular Pixels sketch on day 9.

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