Nice Tools For Designers

Posted by Jan Vantomme on 01 May 2007.
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As a designer I’m using a lot of small tools to make life a little easier. These are my favorite little apps.


Everybody needs a good ftp client. And I think this might just be the best one. It has got an interface with tabs, just like any modern web browser so you can connect to multiple ftp-servers and keep track of what you are doing. You can even transfer files from one server to another through your computer. Check Transmit on the website of Panic Software.

On The Job

A really nice time tracking tool by Stunt Software. Just to make sure I’m billing every hour I work for my clients. You can archive your jobs so It’s easy to compare certain tasks between jobs. The geeks among us can use this to calculate the average time they spend on coding XHTML or CSS for small websites. Check On The Job on the website of Stunt Software.


BBEdit’s little brother. It’s a free and easy to use editor. Really nice for hand coding your websites. I’m using it every day. The application is fully scriptable with AppleScript and that is really great. I’ve built a set of scripts called “Vormplus Webtools” so I can code 50% faster. I’m planning on releasing them for a long time now but I didn’t have time yet. Hopefully this summer. Check TextWrangler on the website of Bare Bones Software.

NetNewsWire Lite

To keep track of what people are saying on the RSS side of the internet, I’m using NetNewsWire Lite. A basic RSS reader that does the trick for me. It just works fine. Check NetNewsWire Lite on the website of Newsgator.


For normal surfing I prefer Safari. Does its thing. But when I need to do some serious developing, I immediately switch to Firefox. Firefox has some really nice add-ons for webdesigners/developers. I’m using Firebug and Web Developer.

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