Hacking Ikea - A Generative Design Approach

Posted by Jan Vantomme on 14 April 2009.
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I heard about the Platform 21 = Hacking Ikea project a few months ago and I decided to hack some Ikea furniture myself. I needed some extra storage space and decided to build a big rack with Ikea LACK tables.

The first step was to create a piece of software with Processing to generate a 3D model of what I wanted to create. The model I chose for my rack was the one below.

3D Model of the storage rack made with processing.org

Next up was buying 15 Ikea LACK tables and building the storage shelf. I’m happy with the result and the extra storage space. More pictures can be found on Flickr.

The final storage shelf build out of 15 Ikea LACK tables

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