Green Bicycle

29 March 2010

I had a bike like this when I was 17. Mine was grey. Loved it.


Fragments & Abstracts

27 March 2010

A really nice Flickr set with abstract images.

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Cloud Cocoa

26 March 2010

Cloud shaped marshmallows. Made me smile when I saw this image.

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Paintings by Lu Cong

23 March 2010

A great collection of paintings on Flickr by “Lu Cong”: Love his artwork.

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My Love/Hate Affair With Typekit

22 March 2010

Jeffrey Zeldman on Typekit, @font-face and some of the current issues with web fonts and the type industry.

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Bicycles in Strange Places

13 March 2010

I live in a bicycle friendly city. Lots of people ride bikes every day. While taking pictures for La Vie En Ville, I’ve seen some bikes in strange places. Here are some of them.

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Ad Hoc Distribution of iPhone Apps

11 March 2010

So I finally got a version of my iPhone application ready for testing. It runs fine on my iPhone 3G and iPod Touch. I wanted to test it on some other devices so I asked some people I know to do this for me. I read through the article Publishing Applications for Testing and I noticed that some little details are missing to get your app installed on other devices.

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Processing Workshop

10 March 2010

Here are my slides for the Processing workshop I’m doing at Sint-Lukas Brussels. The name of the workshop is “Fuck Adobe, Let’s build our own design software!”. You can also download some examples for drawing basic shapes like points, lines, rectangles, circles, … Enjoy!

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Mobile Website for La Vie En Ville

22 February 2010

La Vie En Ville, my photoblog experiment with the custom WordPress for iPhone app got a small update last week. I’ve built a mobile version of the website for those of you visiting the website with the iPhone. Enjoy!

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Some Sketchbook Entries

14 February 2010

I’ve been drawing in sketchbooks for the past eight years and I started posting some of my drawings last year. Here is a small selection of sketches that I like. More of them can be found in my Moleskine Set on Flickr.

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Mirroring Video with openFrameworks - Part II

08 February 2010

I have been busy for the last few weeks but I finally got some time to write the next article on openFrameworks. In this article I’m going to explain the algorithms to change an RGB webcam image to grayscale and how to mirror that grayscale image.

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Mirroring Video with openFrameworks

19 January 2010

When you create an installation that uses a webcam to analyse the behavior of people, you often need to mirror the video to use it. In this article I’m going to explain how to do this in openFrameworks.

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